Marvin Gaye. Let’s Get it On LP 180 gr. HQ Vinyl

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Marvin Gaye. Let’s Get it On LP 180 gr. HQ Vinyl

Release date:  20-10-2001 (originally released in 1973)

2001 US limited edition 8-track LP pressed on HighDefinition Premium 180gram VIRGINVINYL, originally released in 1973, featuring the hit title track, ‘Come Get To This’ and ‘You Sure Love To Ball’, presented in sealed & stickered gatefold sleeve.

01. Let’s Get It On
02. Please Stay (Once You Go Away)
03. It I Should Die Tonight
04. Keep Getting’ It On
05. Come Get To This
06. Distant Lover
07. You Sure Love To Ball
08. Just To Keep You Satisfied

Let’s Get It On was Mavin Gaye’s record of sheer sensuality and carnal energy. Each performance was laced with innuendo and sheer erotic force. Gaye’s passions reach their absolute boiling point on the title track smash hit which rose to #1 on the charts and became the most successful single ever released on a Motown label. Let’s Get It On is a landmark record that remains the blueprint for all the slow jams that have followed in its wake.

The Big Neon Sign over the Bedroom Door Says . . .

“Have your sex,” Marvin Gaye writes in the liner notes of this landmark of bedroom soul. “It can be very exciting . . . if you’re lucky.” And if you’re really lucky, that sex will feel a bit like this album sounds—slippery and heated and all-consuming, governed equally by urgency and tenderness. An essay on carnal delight in eight parts, Let’s Get It On is one for the ages not just because of its plush backgrounds (particularly the wah-wah guitar of Melvin Ragin, a key player on the L.A. Motown sides) or its melodies (largely improvised), but because of Gaye’s needy-man delivery, the way he transforms “please baby” into a bouquet of beautifully arranged pleas. He’s just a few years removed from What’s Going On (see previous page), his comment on society, but he’s really worlds away: Sharing his formidable repertoire of bended-knee incantations, Gaye wants to stay in the bedroom as long as it takes to celebrate every last sacred ritual of love.

This album triggered an enormous outbreak of slightly salacious bedroom soul, much of it the equivalent of play-by-play coverage from ringside. Gaye’s endeavor is different: Singing in that sly, delighted way, he brings listeners into his need, shares the pleasure and the torment, makes raw desire sound almost noble and immediate. When Gaye talks about getting it on, you are there.

My all time soul favorite, what a record, tip from Peter, buy the 200 gram version, super sound quality!!

And….as always buy from me, new vinyl records, price always beaten!!


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