Curtis ‘Superfly’ Mayfield, love songs 1

Curtis ‘Superfly’ Mayfield     Release date: 29-05-2008

2008 Italian limited edition 7-track LP pressed on180gram VIRGINVINYL, originally released in 1983 by the legendary soul-funkster, employing a slightly more laid back approach with some slow to mid tempo love songs, sealed picture sleeve

01. Hey Baby (Give It All to Me)
02. Still Within Your Heart
03. Dirty Laundry
04. Nobody But You
05. If You Need Me
06. What You Gawn Do?
07. Summer Hot

Curtis ‘Superfly’ Mayfield was perhaps better known for his hard-hitting funk & protest tracks than for his love songs, but these ‘proto slow jams’ from 1983 prove that the man knew all about getting funky between the sheets too, and with a voice like that, who could resist him?

Peter s tip, buy also part two, you ve then the 2 lover s albums complete!!

As always, I will beat the price when ordering from me.


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