Vinyl records never went away and it s coming back big!!

Who could dream a few years ago that vinyl records are beloved again, over the last years many record-stores went broke, but, also thanks to the DJ s around the world, vinyl records are still alive and kicking, the sales in the US doubled last year and sales still are going up.

What makes the vinyl record so desirable?

First of all, the artwork of the covers, take an album in your hands and you will notice, you have something there.

The age of MP3, the socalled digital revolution, is over people can t be fooled all the time, everybody knows that the sound quality of a MP3 is not good, and listen to a good vinyl record pressing, you also will hear the big big difference between a CD, MP3 and the vinyl record, first of all the warmth of it, more base and more, better sound of the vinyl record convince many people today, starting buying, collecting and playing the vinyl again.

As told before I am collecting vinyl for years now and still collecting:)

The equipment, turntables, cartridges, speakers, are much much better then 20-30 years ago, now you invest 200-300 Dollars in a good turntable, pro-ject or music hall offers them, and not to forget the vinyl pressing are better then 20-30 years ago, but even used records sounds much better on new turntables with a good cartridge, 50,- Dollars up.

like the above pro-ject debut 3 this guy you can order from me at a very moderate entry level model price.

Also the young ones, who never grew up with vinyl records are collecting them today, because used records are(still) cheap, and they noticed also that the sound of vinyl is much much better then any MP3.

Don t get me wrong here, I ve nothing against portable, downloadable music, it s convenient but for us, the real music lovers, there is nothing better then playing vinyl.

We are working day and night now for the pre-opening of our , one of the biggest (just) vinyl online record store ever in March this year, we got already many positive feedbacks from collectors all over the world, so we will keep you all informed!!

Once again this will be an online vinyl record store only with vinyl, no cd s , no dvd, no games, just vinyl. And believe me, when I say….it will be huge!!!

So keep them spinning, keep buying those vinyl records, keep listening to them,

We keep in touch!!!!


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