The 5 Best Places to Find Rare Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are a an awesome part of history. Not only do they have a cool vintage value, but they also sound great compared to their digital media equivalents. Building your collection does not have to be all that hard. There are quite a few sources which you may not have thought of where you may just happen to find some of the best and rarest records. These include neighbourhood garage sales, swap meets as well as a few trusted online suppliers. Unfortunately it is very easy to be mislead through the web, so you have to be much more careful through this means.

A very simple way to find records is to put out an advertisement for your local area indicating your interest in building your collection for a cash incentive. This can be through trading posts, newspapers, local online posts or through any local means. Chances are you will get many responses. You will probably be suprised at how many people in your area are willing to part with their vinyl records. Of course, you will probably have to dig through many worthless piles and dodgy people, but the good stuff is out there everywhere.

Garage sales are a good source, but can be very hit and miss. It pays to call the seller first and ask if they have any records on offer, and inquire as to their condition, and exactly what titles they have. At these garage sales, it is also a great idea to talk to the people holding it about their collections, and friends of theirs who are also collectors. Through this word of mouth, you may find others in your area who have already found leads that they are willing to share with you.

Going to proper record stores, shows and swap meets will yield potentially the largest collection you will be able to find anywhere, but at a cost. These dealers tend to know exactly how much each record is worth, and will sting you accordingly. If money is not an issue to you, these meets and shows are undeniably the best way for you to build your collection. You will also find these are the best source for mint condition records if you are a collector who prefers to look at their records rather than play them. If you do happen to go to a show, don’t forget that bartering is perfectly acceptable, plus it makes it more fun! For one-off events, it is advisable to go towards the end of the day when dealers are going to be more likely to get rid of the stock they have, but this will never work with a shop.

Another awesome source are auctions. At these events, the price fetched by each records is dependant on the turnout. A bad turnout means you may be able to walk away with some awesome records at amazing prices. With a higher and more cashed up competition, however, you may struggle a bit more. Finding records for sale online can be a tricky game. The problem lies in the actual condition of the record versus what the seller says it is. The key lies in finding a trusted dealer through other collectors – word of mouth – or by searching through forums on the internet. At these websites you can often find reviews of online retailers. Happy collecting!

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