A Brief Elvis Presley Biography and How the King Lived

If you think about rock and roll then the first person that comes to mind is Elvis Presley. We know him as the “King” — his voice, looks, and moves have captivated us all in a timeless loop of the 70’s and many today are seen impersonating him by wearing an Elvis jumpsuit, toning their voices to match his, and imitating his legendary moves. But do we really know him?

The Elvis Presley biography started when this cultural icon was born in Tupelo, Mississippi in January 1935. Both as an actor and musician in the entertainment industry, the King became one of the widely celebrated men even after he died on August 1977.

Elvis’s introduction to music started with his church — the Assembly of God — in Tupelo. His first music debut was in 1945 when he joined a singing competition held during the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show. He won 5th place when he sang “Old Shep” by Red Foley. His 11th birthday marked a lot of changes in his musical talents. His parents gifted him with a guitar with his family giving him lessons.

The King of Rock and Roll moved to Memphis in September 1948 along with the rest of his family and relatives. This might be where most people would say that Elvis Presley biography would all tell about his success in the entertainment industry. Despite his musical talents, Elvis was a shy boy and would often withdraw from attention even if his peers asked him to play his “hillbilly” music with his guitar. He got his first job as an usher in 1950 but was made to quite since his mother doesn’t want him to compromise his schooling.

The shy boy Elvis finally gave up on his shy side and started wearing flashy outfits of the Lansky Brothers. He was always a contestant during musical contents hosted by his school and would win prizes with his talents. His growth in the musical career was fostered by his constant listening and adoration of music from jukeboxes and radios.

Lots of Elvis Presley biography out there would say that the King started off grandiose, when, in fact, he didn’t. As a truck driver, Elvis made do with some recordings with not much success. He flunked one recording that would have supposedly jumpstarted his career but was later given a second chance that credited to his future as a musician.

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