Ventura, CA–February 1, 2006–What Audio Fidelity is calling the 8 month deal turns out to be an interesting story, musically as well as interesting in the world of the music business. Boz Burrell, Mick Ralphs, Simon Kirke, and Paul Rodgers were the men that called themselves Bad Company, one of the most successful super groups of the 70s. Their output from 1974-79 was unrivaled by few bands of that period. Their debut Bad Co was one of the most successful by any rock band in history.

With classic raw stripped down rockers like the top 5 single “Can’t Get Enough”, “Bad Company,” “Movin’ On,” “Rock Steady,” and the burning emotional ride of “Ready For Love,” they became international superstars in a matter of months.

They would have many more albums that were successful but their first is very special to many fans, and nobody knows that better than Audio Fidelity. Audio Fidelity, as they always do, searched for the original two-track master tape of the album to release a phenomenal 24K+ release that everyone familiar with the album would love. For over a year, the company, searched for the master tape in the U.S. as well as in the U.K. The master tapes were found several months ago sitting in London. For the label to move forward with production, an expiration date came with the deal. The rights to the title would expire in September 2006! That is only 8 months after its release. Well Audio Fidelity is doing something unprecedented. They are moving forward regardless of the deadline with complete confidence in the album’s appeal and marketability. Bad Company’s first album will be gone forever from the vaults of the label in the blink of an eye. Since the announcement of its impending arrival people have not stopped e-mailing and calling the label, wondering when it would be released. The day has finally arrived, its here and ready to ship in all its glory in the incredible 24K+ format that Audio Fidelity has built its solid reputation on. The release date is February 14th, the date highly anticipated by music lovers around the world.

The buzz for this release 32 years later is proof of its worthiness for pressing a gold disc that music fans and collectors will treasure forever. Bad Company recorded some of the best music in the history of rock and their stunning debut was the beginning of a new era. You need only give this shining gold testament to their legacy one spin to realize that the excitement of their music has never died. Audio Fidelity has done it again; get your copy now before father time snatches it away.


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