The Crime Of The Century MFSL from the band SuperTramp is known as a sure treat for any audiophile out there. This would be so since the original album was able to garner a large amount of following from different corners of the globe. In addition to this, the tracks contained in it were able to enter the charts. This release basically served as the key that allowed SuperTramp to get its initial breakthrough and commercial success in the music industry.

The Crime Of The Century MFSL CD comes in line with the Wheels Of Fire MFSL CD in terms of following because of the similarities in terms of popularity of the two bands that conceived this eargasmic tracks. While the Crime Of The Century Album was being recorded, Rodger Hodgson and Rick Davies were able to record around 42 demo tracks however; only 8 from these were chosen and placed in the album. The other tracks were used in the albums that followed such as Famous Last Words and Crisis? What Crisis?

The Crime Of The Century album was made into a really awesome musical craft because the band’s communication was at its peak during the time this was created as stated by Richard Hodgson and Rick Davies. The original lyrics sheet that’s inserted in the LP contained details that were printed with specific attention to the person who sang each lyric. The vocals in this album were mainly from Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies. Hodgson’s vocals were colored in white while Davies’ were in yellow. When one sung the lyrics that was created or composed by the other, the color of the composer was used accordingly.

The different tracks featured in the Crime Of The Century album include School, Bloody Well Right, Hide In Your Shell, Asylum, Dreamer, Rudy, If Everyone Was Listening, and Crime Of The Century.


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