If you’re like a lot of music enthusiasts these days you’re fed up with cd quality music and the assortment of cds available. Possibly, you’re just looking for a hobby. Either way, a Denon Turntable is always a good investment and here’s my guide for choosing a.

First you must know the parts of the Denon Turntable. There is the deck, the tone arm and the turntable cartridges (which has the stylus or needle on it). The vinyl record is placed on the turntable, which is either belt drive or direct drive. Then the tone arm is adjusted to put the correct amount of weight on the record and the needle fits into the grooves and collects the vibrations from the analog sound and transfers that through the tonearm and to the speakers.

Many audiophiles and music enthusiasts prefer the sound of analog records to the digital sound of mp3s and CDs. To me, the sound has more warmth and you can feel it more, if that makes sense. Even more people collect vinyl records because you can often by them very cheap and sell them on eBay or to other collectors for substantial profit. I’d recommend checking out estate sales and local used CD stores that may have records laying around. Great deals are a good way to start your collection.

Anyway back on track, once you know the parts of the Denon Turntable (you do) the next step is to find the right Denon Turntable to buy. There are a lot of stores online that sell them and the accessories (which you’ll need) but I’d recommend checking Best Buy or some local music store as you’ll be able to try it out in person. I’d recommend getting a direct drive, as it’s not as complicated or hard to use as a belt drive. A good price for a beginner is about 100 dollars to 150 dollars. This is pretty affordable and even those on student budgets like me can get a good piece of equipment.

So there you go, some basic tips for buying your first Denon Turntable and beginning the journey through amazing music enjoyment!


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