Elvis Presley Biography – Why Do We Still Love Elvis Presley So Much?

Go into any store that sells bags and purses and you are sure to find one with an image of The King embellished on the front of it. Why? Well, simply because it sells. The reason why it sells is also very simple. People still love Elvis Presley. And not just those who grew up listening to him, but also a much younger generation who discover him on t heir own music path or passion is passed on through their parents.

But why do we still love Elvis so much? Everyone loves a rebel, and there was no one more rebellious the Elvis Presley. His music was new and fresh, combining blues with gospel to create a new sub genre called rockabilly.

His dancing was frowned upon due to the suggestive nature and this sent shock waves through the world. If also created a new type of idol worship. Elvis Presley became a heart throb that many teenage girls lusted after and this was a new wave of hysteria that surrounds Elvis. This is one of the reasons why we still have a place in our heart for Elvis.

This handsome rebel who fought for his country and had a smooth and seductive voice was everything that any young girl could hope for.

The Elvis that we still love is the young and vibrant Elvis that allows us as a generation to believe that anything is possible and glamour is a given. This is the icon that can inspire a generation into believing that they can become the person they want to be.


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