Funky reggae songs are a quick and simple way to change your mood in an instant. Funky reggae music can be found in songs of most of artist like Shaka Buku, Rebelution and Toots and the Maytols.

Funky reggae albums, from Shaka Buku include \”Feel Different,\” \”Reggae Rock Hop,\” and \”Good Vibrations\” with the most recent fun CD being \”Feel Different.\” Listening to positive funky reggae music has been proven to have a physiological effect on the body by increasing endorphins (the feel good hormones) and can change your state of mind in a matter of seconds.

Chad Scott from the band Shaka Buku and Stevie Wonder have been compared by many as two great examples of fun and happy people who create music with fun and funky tones. Funky Reggae music is also important in the scheme of life where too many people are too serious which can weigh down on the psyche and create depression and anxiety.

Some funky reggae

funky reggae songs to mention here are Shaka Buku\’s \”Set Yourself Free\” with its spine tingling chorus or \”Good Times Here Today\” with its reggae funk feel unmistakably good fun music which makes you feel no matter how hard times are that everything will be OK! Funky reggae downloadable songs are available for around $1 or less and can be found at With the economy in rough shape, everyone could use a jolt of funky reggae music and with the most affordable price tag in entertainment a fun CD can give a lifetime of joy.

Not only is a fun reggae music a good choice for yourself, but for a community as well. Take San Diego or Santa Barbara for instance. Both cities thrive on funky reggae music with bands like Rebelution and Shaka Buku and the results are seen in the people themselves. The overall vibe in these cities is relaxed and happy and its hard not to become addicted to the life style.


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