Throughout time many have thought of the great jimmy Hendrix as a master of the rock and a great and outstanding guitar soloist. The big question asked by many people though is “Was he an artist and a great achiever or was he a drug addicted rock star?” He was a little of both but he was more a genius in the world of rock and role. He made the best of the times even though having troubles with the drug addictions and constant addictions to more and more drugs even though he was famous he had his rough share of times just like everyone else. His songs reflected mostly drugs but they became very popular during his time. He was thought as a god in the rock world after many of his songs went global. Some parents didn’t agree with the whole idea but as time went by they cleaned up their act and started appreciating his music and began listening to it. Still today his music is listened to by many people. Even though he has passed his music still lives on through the hearts of many people around the world today.

Jimmy Hendrix eventually died after taking so much drugs but his legend still live on with his family today. He is thought of everyday when someone is thinking about taking drugs. His music is very influential and his effected many people today around the United States. Most people remember though that he died of drugs and in the end they eventually give it up. He is missed by many people today as one person who didn’t care what people thought about him his just loved to play music and please the fans anyway possible by always showing up and playing his great music. He might not be a rocket scientist but he was a genius in the guitar and music field and is admired by many people in bands today. Even some of the great stars looked up to him in many ways because of his great gift that allowed him to play his guitar so well and be able to become famous for many people to hear and see.

Even though he was a drug addict he was truly a genius. Maybe not in the fields of science, math, and english but a truly loved music artist that loved the people and loved his music. He revolutionized the rock business and gave the rock hall of fame a great musical artist and great man of rock. Even though he died of a cause he did he still gave the world a better taste of greatness in the making.

By: Derrick Colt


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