Are you interested in music? There is a lot of routes to go into. Some will choose instruments such a a piano, a violin, even a harmonica, but are these really as versatile as turntables? Turntables are pretty amazing devices. They are not gadgets or gimmicks, turntables are the tool and instrument of a DJ! There is truly nothing more versatile. In the right hands the turntable can make thousands jump up and down in insane ecstasy! Ok, perhaps a saxophone can do such to some people, however in today’s world, a turntable is the right kind of tool! If you dream of becoming a top DJ, there is no contest, than to buy turntables. But, what are some basics? What do you need to get started. Mixing requires 2 turntables. This is essential to be able to mix records. You have 2 main options when it comes to buying turntables. The first is that there is the traditional vinyl versions. Next there is the latest CDJ’s as they are often called. These turntables allow you to mix music on CD’s. The choice is open to you. Some will go for the vinyl turntables because they are what people sometimes prefer. However more and more people are mixing with CDJ’s. The benefit obviously is the savings. CD’s are often easier to source. And if you make your own music, and want to mix it, then CD is the best route, as making up mock records can be expensive compared to the less than a dollar price of CD’s in bulk. Another new addition that you will find on the latest turntables, is the USB functionality. This is a great feature, as it means you can connect the turntables to the computer. This allows you to do so much more! Imagine being able to save mixes you have made onto PC or laptop. You can edit them, and improve them with sound editing software. Another option available to you, especially if you are good at mixing, is to be able to play on internet radio stations. This is one of the biggest benefits of owning a turntable with USB ability. It really makes a difference and opens many doors. So where do you buy turntables? The first place to look is locally. However, many consumer electronic stores may have a model or two, however, these are often inferior belt drive versions. What you really need for good mixing, and what all the DJ’s use, is direct drive turntables. They can be found online at some great prices. With so many stores online, finding a place that has these gems for sale, should not be that hard, and you likely will find them much cheaper than most retail stores have them for.

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