Despite the claim that he was born on the fourth of July in the year of 1900, baptismal records later confirmed that he was actually born on the fourth of August in the year of 1901. He was born into a poor family that broke up when he was still very young. His father left his mother for another woman and he and his sister often spent much of their time in the care of their grandmother or uncle, who was his mother’s brother. It is believed that his first interaction with music came during the time he spent attending school.

From there his interest in music grew. At the early age of eleven, he was singing in the streets with other boys for money. Two of his friends also taught him how to play by ear and he was able to purchase his first musical instrument, the cornet, when he was loaned the money by a Jewish family who befriended him and who he had done some work for. It was when he started to receive lessons and training from a professor of music, who put him in a band that his reputation started to grow.

It was in 1918 when Louis Armstrong started to become well known. He had started to learn how to read music and was performing in a number of solos that allowed him to put in his own expressions through his music. He had his own unique sound that was well appreciated by the audience who listened to him. In 1922, he went to Chicago where he was invited to join Joe “King” Oliver’s band. He thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this band, but his second wife encouraged him to leave the band in order to broaden his skills and build on his reputation.

After learning to play some classical music at some churches, he was invited to play with the Fletcher Henderson orchestra. From there his musical career continued to grow along with his reputation. Eventually, he was doing tours all over the place and at one point, during the 1930s, he was performing at more than 300 shows a year. He even appeared in films, on radio and on television. He was always a hard worker and loved what he did until he passed away in July of 1971.

By the end of his career, he was well known for his trumpet and cornet playing, and was known as a band leader, a vocalist and a music ambassador. He was also so influential that he is also viewed as the founder in much of the current music today. He was an extremely talented young man who found his passion in music. His hard upbringing was viewed more as inspiration than a hindrance for him and he used this inspiration to develop his innovative style; an innovative style that could be seen as a small revolution in music because of the change it inspired. Even today, young musicians are inspired by his work and his music is still played. He is yet another artist who will live on in history for his unique and innovative music.


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