Michael Jackson and Motown

A child prodigy who goes on to create history is not an everyday occurrence. Michael Jackson was one such rare gem who happened to be one of the biggest pop stars ever to moonwalk the earth. His albums continue to sell in droves, and the news of his death stimulated even more sales. Eight out of ten songs on the top 10 iTunes list happens to be his, probably something that no artist, living or dead, has ever achieved.

As in all the best fairytales, Michael Jackson had very humble beginnings. He was raised in a large family with 9 siblings. He started performing at the tender age of 4. He and his brothers led by their and father (and then manager) joined classic Motown records. Motown of course had and has some of the biggest stars in the history of music and the Jacksons carried on the Motown tradition. The Jackson 5 were born and on their way to superstardom

Michael had a vibrant career as a child star. He was welcomed by a host of television stations and continued to record albums with Motown. However, there was a lot more waiting for Michael Jackson outside of his band. He was yearning and waiting to break free and release albums as a solo artist.

After meeting music producer Quincy Jones, he fired his father as the producer and recorded some of his career best singles with Jones and Motown records. In 1982 Michael Jackson created history with the album and video, Thriller. This album redefined production music and is considered by many to be the work of a genius. It had some of the best Jackson singles all compiled into one album. In fact, seven of the nine songs were in the top ten lists, a feat that no other album has achieved. The album also opened doors for other African American artists, a genre which experienced decline in the early 80’s years.

Michael Jackson’s continued collaborating with Motown and produced some of the best songs ever produced and performed. Motown truly helped propel Michael to supersonic stardom – the stardom he had always yearned for.

Michael Jackson with the help of Motown broke records, achieved feats and is set to be one of the all time greats in the pop genre. His daring videos, his moonwalk on Motown 25, altruistic nature, he is unsurpassed as a performer, as an entertainer.

Michael Jackson and Motown are a partnership no one will forget.


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