Has everyone heard Reggae music before? Not everyone but most people have definitely been in touch with this type of music. Developed in the 1960’s, Reggae music has been a mainstay of Rastafarian living since that time period. Reggae music makes up the best of relaxed living, peace with the world and an overall feeling of well being. There is a lot of spiritual exploration you can accomplish with Reggae music and it is best done under some form of sedation. People who listen to Reggae music are usually very in tune with living the easy life and some of the most famous Reggae musicians like Bob Marley were made famous for their laid back ways of living.


Spreading a message of peace and happiness is what Reggae music is all about. Accents on the off beat with second and fourth beat in each bar represent the classic style of Reggae music. The roots of Reggae are in traditional African music but there are also influences in this style of music by Ska and Rocksteady. These two forms of music also came about in the 1960’s.


Dancehall Reggae music is also incredibly popular. While most other music of the 1960’s followed a similar type of peace and love type feel, Reggae music allowed for the expansion of different avenues of thought and gave African Americans a style of music they could develop and make their own. However, there are some European artists that create Reggae music and it is just a style of music after all.


Jamaican music can be found at most online and retail stores. The “king” of Jamaican music, Bob Marley, really gave the style of music a name for itself. Reggae music can be enjoyed with friends, family and loved ones throughout the world. There is so much to learn from the teachings of Rastafarian living and if more people adopted this way of life, the world would be a much happier place. Staying strong to their convictions of individuality and an easy way of life, people like Bob Marley set the stage for other artists within the genre. There is a whole world of music to discover, there are countless artists to sample and many of the artists are even a part of good causes you can contribute to by buying their music. We hope you enjoy Reggae music as much as we do!


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