He touches the keys with pure insight

Probably never wondering about black or white

His mind’s eyes open the soul

He has the vision that will never grows old

Internal wisdom of where to move

Has him moving with the grove

There were times when he bows his head

Knowing it’s not time to go to bed

Musical rhapsody from his heart

The melody from which he has not depart

Displaying the art of producing sounds

Vibration and rhythm with colors he found

Successive notes pleasing to the ears

Causing emotional fear to disappear

The vibrations of a molecule of musical air

Reflections of harmony climbing a chromatic stair

Material essence of melody he brings to the soul

Dynamic tempo from days of old

Simultaneous intensity from the keys

His piano fingers are busy as a hive of bees

Chords from chord in scales of accenting beats

Intimacies of musical expression as a feast

Forming notes in harmonic melody

Bringing loving essence of pure quality

He is a wonder with his music as his pet peeve

It’s even great to hear him on Christmas Eve

With the piano he makes musical wonders

Reflecting his name with answers

He is the pianist that will not let you grieve

The first part of his name is Steve

A child prodigy who sees by faith

Love in his heart opens the gate

Born as Stevland Hardaway Judkins

With twenty-two Grammys it’s a new beginning

Changing his name to Stevland Hardaway Morris

With more than thirty U.S. top ten hits

He is forever a musical blitz

He is Stevie Wonder, a musical genius on the increase

And is still the inspiring UN Messenger of Peace


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