Jim Morrison, what a talent! Or wasted talent, died at the age of 29! His fame might have started when he was a child and was with his parents driving through an Indian reservation where he saw many of them dead on the side of the road! He believed since then that the spirit of one of the Indians came into him! Jim Morrison met Ray Manzarek at a party in Malibu, Jim sang him a few songs of his like Moonlight drive, and Ray was amazed at Jim’s poetic and singing ability! They composed music, everyone in the band giving his insight!

They found a drummer and guitar player and the Doors was born. Jim Morrison began to give free rein to his expression abilities and once exposed himself on stage. The police even the FBI started to follow him and have him on watch! Concert tour companies did not want the Doors to play onstage anymore, no one wanted them to promote them! Nowdays many stars show their nudity on stage with no problem. Jim was against the Vietnam was which was another reason the authorities were against him, the Doors’ political views were well received in Europe! Jim started to have his drinking problem out of control and one time in concert, Jim came on stage and started to hit the ground very violently with the mic stand, then left! The drummer said it was the last time he would play onstage with the Doors. Although it was the last time the Doors played onstage, they still recorded music, but Jim Morrison had a hard time not expressing himself on stage!

Jim fled to Paris France, the country of Arthur Rimbaud, one of his biggest influence. Before Jim died, Pamela was with him, all day before the day he died he strolled the shops in Paris with his French friend, at times Jim would have violent shocks like he would vomit! His french friend wanted to bring him to the hospital but Jim refused. At night with Pamela, she supposedly offered him heroin! Jim after midnight started to bleed from the mouth! He went to take a bath. Pamela offered him to call the doctor, but Jim refused again. She went to sleep, around six o clock in the morning Jim died! The paramedics came, thought he was still alive because the bath water was warm, but they checked his pulse and Jim the mighty poet was already dead at 29! The lizard king!


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