The Elvis Presley Dish Pink Car: One of the Many Elvis Collectibles in the World

The legacy of Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll, lives on with various collectibles ranging from the decorative to the functional. From collectible guitars, to collectible coffee mugs, the variety of Elvis collectibles is sure to leave one amazed. Illustrating just how much influence the king has in the world, with borders going beyond the world of music itself, Elvis Collectibles are quite fun to collect, giving patrons a chance to show just how much he has influenced their lives. Here are some of the more popular of Elvis collectibles available to one and all.

The Elvis Presley Dish Pink Car

The Elvis Dish Pink Car stands to be one of the many Collectibles in the World. Basically, the Pink Car is a hand painted item and is made with a glossy finish, giving it that Elvis look. Measuring 9.5 by 4.75 inches, the Car is a plate made in the shape of a car. Definitive of the days when the king reigned supreme, the Elvis Presley Dish Pink Car is one item popular among collectors.

The Elvis Presley Showstopper Elvis Charm Bracelet

A living symbol celebrating the showstopper in Elvis Presley, the Charm Bracelet is one hand crafted with symbols commemorating the remarkable life and career lived by the King. A portrait of Elvis himself, made by renowned painter Nate Giorgio, comes with the Showstopper bracelet, and is done on a fine porcelain inlay. The Bracelet is one exclusive form the Bradford Exchange, and it features Swarovski crystal beads, as well as 24 karat gold plated link bracelet, which is adjustable. It stands to be among the most cherished of Elvis collectibles.

The Elvis Presley Rockin’ Through the Years Guitar

Capturing the electrifying years of Elvis’ career, the Elvis Rockin’ Through the Years Guitar is basically a sculpted guitar collector plate, with images featuring the days spanning the King’s amazing career. A limited edition guitar shaped plate, is one Elvis collectible surely defining the unique stile and stage performance of Presley himself. Truly the King lives on. With these Elvis collectibles, the legacy left by Elvis is sure to inspire more, reminding the world of just who Elvis Presley was, is and will be in the years to come.


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