It may surprise you but turntables and vinyl records are getting popular again. Many people don’t understand why this is and find it to be counter-intuitive. Why in this golden age of convenience and affordability with MP3s and iPods is such an old and outdated technology growing again? It turns out that there are several driving factors. A lot of people still think that vinyl sounds as good or better than CDs. For true audiophiles, MP3s are a huge step down from even CDs. Another reason for their popularity is that they are still the standard in DJing and dance music circles. DJing can be done from CDs or MP3s, but it’s not thought of as a pure approach to playing music.

Finally, there are people who are looking for more a physical connection to their music. Some people simply don’t like thousands of songs available a few clicks away and feel as thought it disconnects them from their music. While cleaning records and manually placing the needle can be thought of as annoying and outdated, they also can be thought of as experiencing a greater intimacy with the music than you can get through iTunes or by clicking play on an iPod. It also helps that many older but great albums are available for almost nothing on vinyl and can actually be cheaper than buying music in any other way! If you have an turntable and records stored somewhere, consider pulling them out to listen to them again, or at least introduce a younger member of your family to music history and also the future!


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