Vinyl Records Baby, Vinyl Records

Vinyl haters say that once a vinyl record is dead then it is already really dead. No rebound and no chances but who among us here who can stop vinyl records from regaining their place. It surely creates a saving grace to our dying music stores but they are still operational because vinyl records are there. The surge has really been great for once again people will really enjoy the pure rush of warm audio fidelity.

The rest of vinyl stories are already out right there over the internet and people had been appreciating these black discs for almost a year now since its rebound. Baby Boomers are the core consumers of these records and somehow they are able to satisfy themselves on their chosen physical format. They had been longing for its rich sound and nostalgic experience.

People who hate vinyl discs have no simple appreciation of art. They just say everything bad to vinyl records because they have their own agenda.The Green movement too has nothing to say any good for vinyl records because they all wanted to smash all vinyl records into smithereens or into bits. For the conservation of mother Earth we have to stop loving vinyl discs, this is always their chant. Is it right to say conservation, where as, a vinyl record is just a scratch compared to crude oil, and other deadly pollutants.

Right here and right now, where will vinyl records go through these stages? Many music publishers were surprised about the resurgence of vinyl records. Furthermore, pressing plants had been wondering about the enigma on vinyl records.

Maybe it is the undying love for artistry, warmness, audio fidelity, and nostalgic moments. To tell you folks I have my own Goosebumps whenever I play Elvis Presley’s “Crying in the Chapel”.


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