Vinyl Records Onslaughts CD Sales

Everything that is old had been the in-thing these days. It is surprisingly a different story at this time because many people are now buying vinyl records for many reasons and it is quite a shocking story to note that these people too would like to know its history. The demand at this time is quite strange because it use to be the end of once good old vinyl records in the ending days of 1990s. It makes you wonder about why there is a sudden surge of vinyl discs. Perhaps we have to make a closer look.

Take note that pressing plants are no longer producing a good quantity of records at this time. The whole situation was reversed 25 years ago. Those were the times in which compact discs first came out on the market.

Does the demand of vinyl records hold some water? In fact this year, record stores 40% income comes from vinyl purchases. This really saves them from dwindling profits due to rampant CD piracy. Now, they are bracing themselves for more bleeding because digital mp3 downloads is making a killing on their profits. But thanks to the surge on the demand of vinyl records because it helps them a lot. Primarily speaking the demand of vinyl records and why people are buying vinyl discs is because they are naturally carve into baby boomer’s mindset about their nostalgic moments from their youth. To add more, teens are very much interested on these stuffs.

Imagine you have to get in line to these pressing plants at this time to purchase them wholesale, which is very much amazing to Bill Gagnon, a senior vice president of catalog marketing at EMI Music.

CD sales will still continue leading a double digit decline while sales of vinyl albums are heading north. The way seems too promising and it helps boost the morale of vinyl entrepreneurs despite the onslaught of economic lock down. So at this moment let’s enjoy the good news.


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