Vinyl Records Soars in All Time High

It is in Vinyl Discs’ unique sound that records stores are hurrying to fill their shelves with vinyl discs. The crackling sound that is quite appealing to people plus the nostalgic bearing that tends to bear more value compared to CDs and DVDs.

Vinyl labels are surprisingly increasing their production due to increase orders as far as from Eastern Europe.

We all know that East European Countries had earned their freedom just recently and they are enjoying a lot of vinyl records that they had missed for the last 4 decades because of Soviet Union’s Iron Curtain Rule. Hence, their hunger on vinyl discs from the West is so strong.

As you can see there is now a surging demand of vinyl records from all over the world. One of the best features among vinyl discs is that they can’t be pirated. More or less they are pirate proof, unless if you own a big vinyl factory then you can easily make some copies of it. But how would you be able to have the master discs. Unlike in DVDs and CDs you can make a master disc out from ordinary copies much more on pirated ones.

The Vinyl revival, push up sales that constitutes more revenues to people who manufactured them from the end of the line. CDs and DVDs are more vulnerable to hackers and pirates because they are made in digital format unlike Vinyl discs which is made out of commonsense.

Many jump in the bandwagon to procure vinyl discs from online record stores to garage sales who no longer wanted their vinyl merchandise. Anyway it is a soothing story because after all the vinyl records that we inherit from our Grand Dads will not be thrown to the trash bins.


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