Who Is Buying Vinyl Record Storage Shelves Today? From DJs To Vinyl LP Record Collectors

It is quite remarkable how the popularity of “old fashioned” vinyl LP records has grown recently. Besides the aging baby boomers retiring and restoring their long lost and neglected vinyl records storage shelves, there are three more categories of people who are purchasing and listening to vinyl albums, and that keeps the old long play (LP) record values and vinyl album prices high.

In this article we will talk about sound enthusiasts, DJs, and the LP record buyers and collectors, and provide hints on what types of LP record storage might be best suited for each one of them.

Vinyl LP records sound enthusiasts who swear by the quality of the vinyl sound

As with most anything sound related, you will find folks who claim they can hear the difference in sound between just about any pair of different musical reproduction systems, be it amplifiers, preamps, speakers, even speaker cables. While some of that sensitivity may be imagined, there appears to be a “real” difference in the way the music sounds when played from the turntable instead of being reproduced from the sampled series of bits off of a hard disk or a memory stick. People claim that the vinyl LP albums sound softer on the treble and have overall higher fidelity than the CD or the mp3 sound.

Regardless of the reason, many sound enthusiasts have started collecting vinyl long play albums and are looking for suitable LP album storage, such as vinyl record cabinet, vinyl record rack, or vinyl record shelf.

DJs who find vinyl LP albums necessary for performing their “tricks”

DJs need to use LP albums to perform their “gangsta breaks” and “scratches” by hand, by stopping and releasing the vinyl LP record. This produces the effects commonly used in hip-hop and rap music.

As for the long play record shelves or storage of their LP albums, hip hop DJs and rap music DJs like to use portable long play album shelves, preferably record shelves on caster wheels so they can transport the heavy and bulky LPs from their vans to the venue and back.

Vinyl albums buyers, and the LP record collectors

Last but not least, album boxes and other LP record storage is becoming popular with vinyl record buyers, and the record collector types. Vinyl records are assuming vintage status of sorts and buying, selling, and collecting vinyl records is becoming a bigger and bigger business. Old record albums value and the value of collectible vinyl records has therefore been on a rise.

Corresponding with the increased value of the rare old vinyl LP records, the demand for high quality, protective vinyl album storage cabinets has risen as well. The most popular and secure storage for vinyl LP albums includes media storage cabinets, stackable storage, LP storage towers. To make the vinyl records storage safe from the thieves and dust, closed cabinets are recommended, with locks on the front doors of every record cabinet.


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