An All-Star Tribute to Ray Charles

Ray Charles was an incredibly talented individual. Things he could do with a piano without eyes, some cannot match with 20/20 vision. He was definitely an inspiration to so many. This definitely had to be the case for so many stars to come together to pay tribute to the legendary icon who left a legacy.

“An All-Star Tribute to Ray Charles” was a beautiful reminiscence of a great performer who changed the face of music. They played back phenomenal moments from his long career and many, many artists performed together in his honor. A true genius of music deserves a great tribute and that is exactly what this was; very tasteful and inspiring to watch.

The concert is broken up with into scenes from the Oscar award winning film Ray, commentaries and performances. The concert also included a flashback of Ray Charles singing America, The Beautiful back in the days. The lighting job was phenomenal. Sometimes the singers were in spotlight. Sometimes the lighting on the stage was in different colors. It made the performances look grand.

Some artists that were really intriguing were Jamie Cullum who played some sparkling piano notes while jazzily singing, screaming and getting the crowd amped up.and Reba McIntyre who sang with her smooth country voice singing the dreams of yesterday. B.B. King and Billy Preston joined together in performing Sinner’s Prayer. Billy Preston was on his keys banging out some sparkling notes and adding his sensitive silky tones to the mix. Billy Preston also does a solo performance playing the piano and singing the song Unchain My Heart. He got so into the song that you could have got under his musical trance and be forced to be set free and into the act of dancing and having fun.

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