Bob Marley Posters – A Legend Revived

The legend of Bob Marley means something different for everyone. While his musical styling will always be remembered in the reggae genre, his music and message were varied and emotional. His songs touched on basic human needs for love, togetherness, equality and peace. But he often sang from the darker of human deeds as well. Slavery, war, and political injustice were all far targets for this musical prophet of Kingston, Jamica.

Even in passing, Bob Marley still continues to reach generations who weren’t even born till after his death. His message is universal, timeless and evocative. It still speaks generations later, and will continue to do so decades from now. His albums, cds, artwork and posters continue to spread his message.

One remarkable phenomena is the fascination young people have with the images, photographs and posters of Bob Marley. Posters of his live concerts, and personal life outside the music stage continue to sell and be collected by people of all ages and walks of life. The young especially. It’s not unusual to walk into any dorm room from Florida to Alaska, and find images of Bob Marley adorning the walls.

Bob Marley was a devout follower of the Rastafari. It influenced his life, his music, his actions, his beliefs and ultimately his death. While it is common knowledge that the herb he so openly enjoyed was a part of this religious devotion, many don’t know that part of the Rastafari belief is that the body must remain whole. Which is why he decided not to have a foot amputated that was stricken with cancer. Ultimately that cancer spread through his body, and took him from us. It seems a harsh injustice, but you have to admire the man for being true to his beliefs.

Could it be his universal messages of love and devotion. His political stance against apartheid and other governmental injustices seem to connect with many people young and old.

Bob Marleys message was important, and it’s good to see it still entrenched in the spirit of the young. They are the future, and the message in the music still reaches them. Especially in todays troubled times. Our leader seem to have forgotten the message of one love, that Bob so adamantly echoed through our consciousness years past.

Let’s hope the ghost of Bob Marley continues to live on through music, artwork, photographs, t-shirts, and posters. It reminds us all of what it means to be human.


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