Judy Garland Love Letter to Frank Sinatra in Time for Sinatra the Movie

A Letter of Love and a Movie About a Legend

Martin Scorsese is set to direct a movie about the intriguing and interesting life of Frank Sinatra. The Oscar winning director will entitle the movie, “Ol’ Blue Eyes” and it will be produced by Universal Pictures. This is going to be the first film that will show the entertainment legend’s life in detail. It has been the film project that people had been anticipating for the past few years and Hollywood is still buzzing on the finer details of the movie. Director Martin Scorsese would like to focus on pivotal moments of the music icon such as his growing up years, greatest hits, involvement with politics, and his love life.

And, of course the many relationships in his life, both romantic and platonic, including four marriages.

One of his most controversial relationships was with Judy Garland. Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland had a romantic relationship during two different time periods. The first time was in 1949 as these two legendary singers got together on a trip to the Hamptons. Their secret and romantic rendezvous happened when Judy Garland was still recovering from her nervous breakdown and needed much rest, support and comfort. Frank Sinatra, being the romantic type and caring person that he was, accompanied Judy Garland and their love blossomed there in the beautiful views of the Hamptons. However, during that time, Judy Garland was still married to the director named Vincente Minnelli. The second time that they were romantically involved was in 1955. He had just separated from Ava Gardner when he got together with Judy Garland. During that time, Judy Garland was still with Sid Luft, her third husband.

It is interesting to note that his relationship with Judy Garland was one of the special relationships that he had in his life. Up to now, it is the subject of many conversations and books about Frank Sinatra after many years that have passed.

There is a website that has an original handwritten letter from Judy Garland to Frank Sinatra. It is a romantic piece that contains heartfelt words that reflects that fountain of intimate emotions in the Sinatra and Garland relationships. For the Sinatra movie, Martin Scorsese is imagining and planning Al Pacino to play the role as Frank Sinatra. Imagine Al Pacino holding the original love letter in a scene depicting the Sinatra and Garland relationship? Imagine owning this piece of history! It is a rare relic that Frank Sinatra fans and enthusiasts would love to have or even just see.


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