Norah Jones “Not Too Late” – More Like her Debut than her Previous Effort

It seems that on her newest album “Not Too Late,” Norah Jones, the sultry jazz/blues vocalist and piano prodigy refocuses her creative energies back on her music roots.

The album, which is much more reminiscent of the works featured on her multi-Grammy winning debut, “Come Away With Me” than her highly anticipated follow up, “Feels Like Home,” is quite good.

There are a few truly outstanding tracks with the signature smooth, smoky, sultry Jones sound her fans have come to know and love. Some feature a slightly upbeat sound with maybe even a little hint of a country music influence.

Overall, the best songs on this album are probably, “Thinking About You” and “Until The End” both closely followed by the tracks “Rosie’s Lullaby” and “Wish I Could.” Then there are several tracks that fit into the categories of either better than average or mediocre. The only two songs that really seemed to leave something to be desired where “Sinkin Soon” and “Little Room”.

I rate all of the tracks as follows:

Wish I Could – 4/5

Sinkin Soon – 2.5/5

The Sun Doesn’t Like You – 3.5/5

Until The End – 4.5/5

Not My Friend – 3/5

Thinking About You – 4.5/5

Broken – 3/5

My Dear Country – 3.5/5

Wake Me Up – 3.5/5

Be My Somebody – 3.5/5

Little Room – 2.5/5

Rosie’s Lullaby – 4/5

Not Too Late – 3.5/5

Overall, I’d say this is another solid work by an extremely talented artist. I’d rate it a 4/5 or B overall and would recommend it to fans of Jones’ prior albums as well as anyone interested in going through an excellent jazz and blues style listening experience.


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