Sinatra’s Greatest Hits – 3 Reasons to Buy This Album

Sinatra Greatest Hits collection is a very useful collection to own, if you are a collector of great classic music. Imagine a lazy Sunday afternoon, with nothing to do except listening to the smooth tones of Mr Sinatra, perfect.

Sinatra Greatest hits comes in many guises, by that I mean, there many variations. The collection I will concentrate on here is from 1987. Greatest Hits collections come and go but I chose this album because of three outstanding songs.

These songs together I believe cannot be found on any other Sinatra collection, and therefore along with many more of his finest material this constitutes for me anyway a tremendous album to own.

1. This Town – Sinatra really makes this song his own, by getting at the gut of the lyrics and conveying them with such style and panache that it is hard to listen to any other version of the song. Though recorded previously and subsequently by other artists, Sumatra’s version is the definitive one.

2. That’s Life -If any song is going to rouse you to get up and do something with your life, then let it be this one. Sinatra at his compelling best. A bluesy Tour De Force, from start to finish.

And let me just say that on a personal note, this song resonates with me because of one car journey I took to work one icy winters morning. Driving along listening to Frank telling me he’s been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king.

About half way through the song the car decides to somersault out of control and smash into a tree. How bizarre hearing that song when your life is about to end.

3. Fly me to the Moon – You might think that to days rock bands know how to play loud with their power and their over recorded (loudness) music, but until you listen to the brass section of fly me to the moon, only then you will know what real loudness is.

For sheer power nothing comes close to the kick ass horn section on Fly me to the moon. It’s worth just listening, for that reason. But in conjunction with Sinatra’s wonderful rendition it makes for a truly memorable record.

Unsurprisingly it was the first song to be played on the moon by Buzz Aldrin.


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