The Rhythms and sounds of the Caribbean

The rhythms and sounds of the Caribbean are numerous. Most Caribbean countries have their own type of music that appeases them. Reggae and Calypso are probably the two most famous types of music to have emerged out of the Caribbean but, they are certainly not the only two forms of this art.

Some Caribbean music are parochial and never saw the light of day outside of its territory. A perfect example is a type of music originated in the Bahamas called Rake and Scrape. The potential of this music is unknown unless someone comes along who has the passion and charisma to take to make it internationally.

During the inception of reggae music a great ambassador came along which is no other than Robert Nesta Marley. It would appear that he created reggae music but he didn’t, and he was not the only one taking it to the people across the globe. There were scores of other Jamaican international artists such as Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller, Prince Buster, Derrick Morgan, Dennis Brown etc. Without these artists who had the passion and the belief, reggae music could have been just another folk music just like the scores of other Caribbean music.

All the Caribbean islands are similar in some ways, but very unique in most ways such as the sounds and tastes. Caribbean people came from everywhere and this is quite evident in the culture. Not only the physical look of the people but also the landscape of each country. It touches and influences almost every aspect of the Caribbean’s culture.


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