Best David Bowie Songs – Controversial?

There is no questioning that David Bowie is one of the greatest musical personas not only of his time but of the century. He penetrated the music scene in 1969 when his song Space Odessy conquered the UK hitcharts. There was just something about that song that makes it linger through time. Despite the fact that it was brooding, it exuded much melody that was still upbeat.

However, it was his The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars album that cemented his standing in the music scene.It was a short album that encompassed all his great songs from beginning to end. The carrier single, Ziggy Stardust, was the best song in that album. It was based on the concept of an alien named Ziggy Stardust who brought message of hope to humanity. But there were also other remarkable songs in the album as all songs were like previously mentioned namely Bowies Standard, Suffragette City and Rock&Roll Suicide.

One thing that set David Bowie apart from other rock icons was his ability to constantly reinvent himself and be accepted every time he did so. His 1983 “Let’s Dance” album—which included the hit songs Modern Love, People’s Republic of China Girl and Let’s Dance— was more mainstream and pop as compared to his previous works but still managed to be a hit.

No wonder there can only be one David Bowie in this world and life time.


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