Rumours abounded that he had immersed himself so fully in the character that it was either now or never, kill Ziggy Stardust off or be swallowed entirely by Ziggy Stardust. Diamond Dogs (1974) gave Bowie his American breakthrough and he decided to relocate to the States. He became hugely influenced by Philadelphia soul, releasing Young Americans (1975) and gaining a No.1 single with Fame, which was co-written with John Lennon, Bowie had come back from space and conquered America.

Parading now, as the Thin White Duke, he defined his ascendancy in the game with Station to Station (1976), it made the star from the stars, a superstar. He lived up to the label, his debauchery is quite the legend, but true to form, the chameleon moved on, retiring to Berlin, living and working in relative seclusion. In Berlin, he studied art and began working with pioneering electronic sound musician Brian Eno. He released a trilogy of albums during his Berlin sojourn – Low (1977), Heroes (1978) and Lodger (1978).

Critics and fans alike were confused at these ground-breaking albums but his megastar status ensured they were bought and to a certain extent universally appreciated. Job done and he was on the move again, recording Scary Monsters (1980) which contained the seminal Ashes to Ashes, the space oddity continued. The eighties arrived, Bowie once again had his finger on the pulse, his Let’s Dance (1983) was commercial, overstated, inflated and plush. It’s singles were released with innovative videos, three of which became international hits – China Girl, Modern Love and Let’s Dance.


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