David Bowie – chameleon like, has reinvented himself, again and again and again. He has survived to be still relevant today, one of the few stars of the sixties to not fall into becoming a self tribute or unashamedly prostituting themselves to the newest fad or indeed simply fading into obscurity. He began as David Robert Jones recording with the none too successful The King Bees, The Mannish Boys and the Lower Third.

In 1966, he changed to David Bowie recording on his own and remaining very much on his own until 1969, when his quirky Space Oddity captured the zeitgeist of a public enraptured by the then culmination of the space race and the landing of men on the moon. Bowie to many was like a Martian that so many really thought and really hoped that they would soon see on pictures beamed home by Armstrong. Aldrin, Collins & Co. His androgynous image created great curiosity in him, even though much of it was not of the most benevolent kind. Bowie went further, becoming Ziggy Stardust, the Martians had not yet arrived, so Bowie went to them in a manner of speaking, immersing himself fully in the character of Ziggy Stardust.

It worked, his glam-rock concept album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust (1972) reached No.5 in the UK and his previous album Hunky Dory (1972) was revived reaching No.3. In 1973, Aladdin Sane topped the UK charts, Ziggy was King and Bowie being Bowie thought the time was right to kill Ziggy off.


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