Elvis Presleys Star Sign and Fame

As far as fame went, Elvis had Pluto very close to mid-heaven regal sign of Leo, his rise was indefinite.

A famous astrologer once said with the position of Pluto in a horoscope “This is the hallmark of those who are driven toward accomplishment, keep climbing and climbing ever thirsty for further success,” that in itself categorizes Elvis.

He had a soul- destroying need for accomplishment at any cost.
At the time of Elvis’s death he had powerful aspects to Pluto, the planet that held most of the power for the position Elvis had as far as his fame and fortune went.

With Pluto conflicting with Uranus, there is the inevitable end fast approaching with nothing he could do.

Realistically there were many contributing factors related to the death of the King, his fate as some may call it, the planet Neptune rules things like Drug’s, Misery and not to mention Suicide, Elvis was becoming nearer to his death the more the planets become aligned.

The more aligned the planets were, the more likely taking even an aspirin was going to kill him. Taking Drugs was like taking poison.

Although we have consolation of knowing that because the planet Jupiter was in favorable aspect to the moon, Elvis’s life came to an end painlessly and very quietly.

The infamous planet Pluto breathed life into this musical God and took it without even a quiver as payment for his greatness.

Even though Elvis never had the everlasting void of a perfect relationship filled, but even if he had, it would have been finished by his death.

Elvis had to sort of family name many stars only dream of, Elvis Presley’s will never be matched no matter who comes and goes, his fame alone will out live those who even come close to being half the magical musician he was.

There has never before been anyone like him, and, there will never be another Elvis Presley.


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