Led Zeppelin – More to Come?

After the successful reunion concert by the Led Zeppelin band fans are awaiting for more from their music icons. I could not blame them because after decades of silence it is about time that they make a big come back in the music industry. Fans are even hungrier now than before. I am pretty sure that many recording companies would like to get a contract for a new album from this band. It is surely a certified hit maker if they are going to release their new album.

Even today there are a lot of clients downloads on the web regarding their singles and albums. Sales are of the charts once again. The band just revived the fans interest on them. Not that their not famous but because it is a rare opportunity to watch these legends play after decades of silence. However, fans should not expect a new album just yet. It is just a year after their reunion. For the meantime we just have to be content on their tribute concert tours. There are no new singles just yet for the band but surely there are plans of doing so. Maybe the record companies and the band itself would just tour for a while and have a feel of concert turn outs.

If the time is right then surely they would not disappoint fans and eventually make a new album, hopefully. We should keep our fingers crossed and hope that our wish would come true. A fan can dream, right? If they are planning to make a new song then I hope that it would be soon because the suspense is killing me.


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