Vinyl Records or. CDs

Many people have the misunderstanding that vinyl records have issues with their sound quality. When CDs were introduced, people were positive that they were getting an advancement in quality sound of their music. The thing that people didn’t realize, is that during this time of changing technology, speakers were also upgraded, thus creating a false sense of enhanced sound quality.

How Are Sounds Created In Vinyl Records?

Vinyl actually has the sounds grooved right into it. This means that the original waveform of the sound isable to bemirrored whenever playing a vinyl record. If you like the sound of live music, you will be able to get that feel with a vinyl record. The sound is warmer. Not a thing is lost in the speakers, since the record is not digital.

If you compare and contrast vinyl to CDs, you can see that CDs take a digital recording and converts it into the analog sound. This analog sound is what you will hear coming out of your speakers. This process can lose some of the sound quality through the convert. Since vinyl does not need to be modified, the quality of sound is actually much better than that of CDs.

The Comeback of Vinyl

Though the great majority of music marketed is on CDs and digital music, vinyl records are currently making a comeback as many people enjoy the sound quality that vinyl offers. In fact new bands and local bands have started to record their own songs on vinyl.

In university towns similar to East Lasing, Michigan, you will discover a big following of vinyl records by music enthusiasts of all ages. Numerous college students at Michigan State University have realized vinyl record sound quality and started their own vinyl collections. These students and locals alike find time to hang out at local indie record stores shopping for some good new local music or that difficult to find vinyl that they have been searching for. A few of the local record stores also promote local talent through showcases and live music.

Why don’t you dust off your parents’ old turntable and consider the quality against one of your CDs. You may just decide to get started with your own vinyl collection.

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