LP to CD – Record and Convert Vinyl to CD Or MP3

LPs days are long gone. I believe, nowadays very few people buy cassette tapes. Have you ever thought about recording your LPs to CDs and digitize them?

In the recent years, lots of companies are popping and providing services for recording Vinyls/LPs to cd. They are charging sick amounts to record the tapes, clean them and burn a CD. Believe me, this process is so easy that you can convert your LPs, Tapes, Records to CDs at your home without any help. You don’t need to spend lots of money but just need a software for recording.

I’ve just finished recording my father’s favorite music to CDs. I’ve learned quite a few things during this process which I want to share with you. You can also please your parents by recording their favorite music on the CDs and have them play in Car’s CD Player or the CD player at home.

Now you need the followings to Record LPs To CDs:

1. A Recording software and we’ll discuss about that later.
2. A Stereo To Stereo Cable having 1/8″ banana plugs on each end. We’ll use this cable to connect headphone out of your tape player to Line jack of your sound card.
3. Few blank CDs to burn the recorded files.

Were you expecting that you need more stuff? Sorry to disappoint but that’s all you need to start converting Vinyl Records To CDs.

Now I’ll tell you, how to make connections, this is the most important part of this whole process. If you don’t connect Turntable and your computer’s sound card properly, you won’t be able to record. You need to make sure that you are connecting output jack of your turntable to Line Input Jack on your computers sound card.

A) If output jacks on your turntable are RCA and sound card has stereo jacks, then you need a RCA To Stereo cable.

B) If output jacks on your turntable are RCA and sound card also has RCA jacks, then you need a RCA To RCA cable.

If you make the right connections, you have done half of the work. Now that you have made the connections, you are ready to record LP To Cd:

1. Run the software and use its Hookup Wizard to select recording source. Make sure that you select Line recording source. The hookup wizard should help you in understanding how to make connections.

2. Start recording and that’s it. Make sure you monitor what is being recorded. After recording, you can edit out the unwanted parts and burn a CD.

It is extremely easy to record If you have the right LP To CD Converter software. Doing it yourself will save you lots of money and hassle!


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