Selling Your Soul Record Collection

Where do I sell my Soul record collection? Browsing the internet or searching through numerous music magazines can be bewildering and sometimes overwhelming. Finding the right person who can offer you helpful advice on where to sell you soul records can be often confusing.

Before selling your treasured collection it is worth gathering as much information as possible. If you want to sell your entire collection my strongest advice is not to allow anybody to “Cherry Pick” your records. Some dealers will pretend they only specialize in certain records but are only after the more collectable items from your collection. I have been to many houses where the owner is left trying to sell the majority of their collection after selling the more desirable records.

While there are many great soul albums, most collectors of this genre are only interested in singles. Like punk soul music is dominated by the 3 minute song with a romantic connection to the 7 inch record evolving over the years. The importance of the DJ in soul clubs and music has also added to the passion for the single record.

While collectors of records in many genres are committed to buying records only pressed in the UK, soul collectors divide their attention between UK and US pressings. While there are many records of considerable value in the soul genre many of the tracks that sold in large numbers often charted and do not normally sell for any great value. For example many of the artists on the Motown label such as Diana Ross and the Supreme’s or Stevie Wonder often achieved chart success and sold their record in vast numbers these items are not particularly valuable.

The US records often Northern Soul are probably the hardest to find the value of. There are often several issues available which have a vast range in price. Also there are a large number of pressings or bootlegs which were manufactured in the 70s and 80s. While these pressings do not achieve the values of the original copies many now reach prices anywhere between five and twenty pounds.


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