Wedding Songs For Your Ceremony – First Processional

Choosing the right wedding songs for your processional should be an easy task. The problem is most people don’t have any idea what songs fit in this particular ceremony event. I will include a list of traditional (and non-traditional) First Processionals at the end of this article. But first, I’ll go over what the processional is and how to plan it then go over music ideas for you.

Here’s a brief description of the processional. This is where the parents and any other special people (aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, etc.) are honored by having them walk down the isle. They can be walked down by an usher or groomsman or they can walk down as a couple. The parents of the groom, for instance, could walk down as a couple if still married. Don’t go too crazy and include everybody in the processional (like your fifth cousin, once removed). It should be saved for the most important people in your life. I’ll go over the entrance order in reverse. The last person down the isle would be the bride’s mom. Before her, would be the groom’s mom. And before her would be the grandparents of the bride, then the grandparents of the groom. Any other special people would come before the grandparents. Notice how the most important, the more special the person is, the later they walk down the isle? I know, it seems backward, but it’s like a Hollywood film. The most important events happen at the end! Start with your close special people, then the grandparents of the groom, then the bride’s grandparents, then the parents of the groom, then, finally, the bride’s mom finishes the first processional. She won’t be escorted by the father of the bride, as he will be walking the bride down the isle. The bride’s mom can be escorted by her son (I know, you can let out a cute “awwww!) or any other person she’d prefer. This is the First Processional, or the Processional for the Parents. What follows is the Second Processional, or the Processional for the Bridesmaids. Finally, the Third Processional, or the Bride’s Processional follows next. We’ll go over those processionals next time.

The wedding song you choose for your parent’s processional can range from classical to contemporary and should reflect your style and/or your parent’s tastes. Some traditional songs are Air On A G String by Bach, Greensleeves, and of course, the very popular, much overused Canon in D Major by Pachalbel. Now, if you’ve always pictured your family walking down to a played out wedding song, that’s fine. There are so many different versions of these songs available, you can always find one that has a new, unique feel to it. I currently have 16 different versions of Canon in D Major in my music library! Another route is using contemporary songs, such as Con Ti Partiro by Andrea Bocelli (or by any other artist, for that matter) or even a Josh Groban song. If you’d prefer vocal-free, many times you can find instrumental versions of these songs that will work well. I’ve even had some clients have tons of fun with this, the very start of their wedding day, by playing a fun, over-the-top song like Chapel of Love by the Dixie Cups.

Whatever wedding song you choose for your First Processional, make sure the bride and the bride’s mom love it. The groom and everyone else can simply “like” it-I think you’ll be able to get away with that! Now, as promised here’s a list of wedding songs and music ideas for your First Processional!


  • Adagio – Mozart
  • Air – Handel
  • Air on a G String – Bach
  • Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring – Bach
  • Prelude No. 1 In C Major – Bach
  • Sheep May Safely Graze – Bach
  • Siciliano – Bach
  • My Heart Will Go On (Piano) – Christopher Peacock
  • Ode To Joy – Beethoven
  • The Wedding Song – Petula Clark
  • Ave Maria – Pavarotti
  • Canon In D Major – Pachelbel
  • Con Ti Partiro (the Bellagio song) – Bocelli
  • Flower Duet – Traditional
  • Greensleeves – Traditional
  • Minuet – Mozart



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