Who is the Best Indie Rock Band of the 00s?

Looking at the best rock band of the last decade as we near the end is a very difficult task. A lot of it will come down to a matter of personal preferences and musical tastes. After all, we could draw from the pop music charts, or we could go with a band that’s more indie in roots.

Let’s take a look at the contenders for band of the decade, and then I’ll give my personal opinion at the end. Naturally, even the nominees here are all subject to opinion and yours may be different.

The first band I’d like to nominate here is The White Stripes. The garage rock duo of Jack and Meg White is really important in the music world for a number of reasons. Most notably, they spearheaded the whole garage rock movement and many bands followed suit. More importantly, they produced a handful of quality records throughout the decade and the two of them have a sound that’s richer than bands with give and more members. The White Stripes get a nod for innovating music that’s simplistic in its roots.

Next on the list is Radiohead. Many might call them the band of the 90s, but they’ve been just as integral this past decade, further polishing and evolving their sound. This band has stopped at nothing to continue pushing the limits in terms of musical boundaries, and they’re still going strong at the end of the decade.

Last on the list here is Wilco. A band that’s equal parts classic rock, alt country, and experimental, this band has made quite the impact during the past decade. Making the decision to drop its record label when they rejected Wilco’s version of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was an integral point in the indie rock movement, and Wilco’s music has been some of the bdest of the decade.

Having said all that, it’s a tough decision but I think I’ll go with Wilco here.


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