Who Was the Best 1990s Alternative Rock Band?

Who was the best alternative rock band from the 1990s? Isn’t it amazing that the 1990s were just about two decades ago? It seems like they were just yesterday, but time obviously flies. Now that we have a full decade sandwiched in between, it’s easy to be a bit more retrospective about the 1990s. Let’s look at the alternative rock scene to see who the best 1990s alternative rock band was. Here are a few contenders.

The first one we’ll look at is Nirvana. Kurt Cobain and crew were said to have spearheaded the whole alternative revolution, as their roots were in Seattle and they were huge in the music scene there. Nirvana achieved huge levels of success nationwide, but Kurt Cobain’s tragic suicide ended up cutting the band short of its full potential.

Then, there’s Pearl Jam. Also from Seattle, their hits were arguably just as big, if not bigger. Eddie Vedder and crew produced some phenomenal music through most of the decade, and they’re still going strong today. Some would argue that Pearl Jam was the most consistent through the 1990s.

Others might say that Weezer was their favorite. A different breed of alternative rock, these catchy, poppy tunes were much akin to the indie music that’s popular today. Rivers Cuomo and crew were wildly successful during the 1990s.

Then, of course, there was Radiohead. Still just as big today as they’ve ever been, The Bends and OK Computer were both enormous hits in the music world and made huge impacts.


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