Today nobody has doubts that music which was born on Jamaica has conquered its place in the world. Nowadays most people have at least one CD disk of reggae music and there are a lot of fans of this music genre both in Jamaica and in the rest of the world. Reggae music attracts people by those themes which are touched in reggae songs such as love, friendship, anti-racism, social equity, by unusual melodies and of course by Bob Marley. Of course there are other artists who made large contribution in the development of reggae style, but only Bob Marley is a king of reggae. He was a member of reggae group The Wailers. Marley with his group mates were the first reggae bright stars. The last album of the group “Burnin” had two songs which became hits and that album was the first step for reggae music to the world popularity and recognition. When the group broke up, Bob Marley continued his solo career and achieved great success with reggae performances. In 1975 Marley released the single “no Woman, no Cry” and this song brought Marley and reggae music incredible popularity all over the world. The best Marley’s album is considered “Exodus” released in 1977. Bob Marley and his work in the area of reggae music give the possibility to other artist to develop this music genre. Today there are many reggae performers like Shaggy, Beenie, Shabba Ranks, sons of Bob Marley – Ziggy and Damian. But Bob Marley still is the Reggae King!

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