The Wailers Tickets- the Memories of Marley!


The iconic music that Bob Marley recorded and performed over the years is still alive today, on the radio station, on LPs, cassettes and compact discs and you can even hear it live with your own pair of The Wailers tickets. It is a sound that many of us have fallen in love with and although the great musician Marley is no longer with us, you can still hear his famous band play live in concert, which really is almost as good! Today their current lineup includes: Junior Marvin on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Al Anderson on the lead guitar, Aston “Family Man” Barrett on Bass, Keith Sterling on Keys, Drummie Zeb on Drums and Marcia Griffiths on the background vocals. They are known as the “living sound” of Bob Marley and their abilities to bring those amazing sounds to the stage are adored by fans around the world. If you are still addicted to the reggae style sounds of Bob Marley, you will want to see The Wailers live in concert. Make sure that you see The Wailers live in concert this year; you will not be at all disappointed.

Some of their most famous recordings as a group after 1981 include: “My Friends,” “JAH Message,” “Majestic Warriors,” and “I.D.” Perhaps one of the greatest things about The Wailers is their ability to stick with the old, memorable style of music that is still so fresh in our minds of the time that they played with Bob Marley. Their popularity has not waned over the years and they pride themselves on being able to deliver beautiful music to all of their fans in cities around the world.

If you want to be treated to a truly magical live performance, you should make sure to get your pair of The Wailers tickets soon because this is not just some other ordinary music group, they are well known throughout the world as one of the best reggae/rock groups in the music industry. Their followers and fans are many and their concerts are almost always sold out. So come next week, you will be clamoring for your own pair of tickets. Tell all of your friends and don’t miss the energetic and exciting show put on by The Wailers!


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