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Music For Love

Romance isn’t the same without soft music playing in the background. When you are planning any type of romantic encounter, choosing the right music is vital. There are many different genres of music and since people have various tastes, personal … Continue reading

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What a Music Biz Insider Told Me About Starting Your Own Record Label

I have a friend, initials “A.M.,” who works in the entertainment business in L.A. He worked for Motown, Capitol and some others before starting a few of his own, too. People ask him all the time about starting their own … Continue reading

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Who Was the Best 1990s Alternative Rock Band?

Who was the best alternative rock band from the 1990s? Isn’t it amazing that the 1990s were just about two decades ago? It seems like they were just yesterday, but time obviously flies. Now that we have a full decade … Continue reading

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Who is the Best Indie Rock Band of the 00s?

Looking at the best rock band of the last decade as we near the end is a very difficult task. A lot of it will come down to a matter of personal preferences and musical tastes. After all, we could … Continue reading

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Chet Baker was a very natural jazz musician. Never really understanding the mechanics of musical harmony or melodic counterpoint his musical touch was nevertheless effortless and always ‘just right’. Such easiness in music can only stem from having a natural … Continue reading

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Music for Women to Listen to Before a Date

The perfect solution to putting you in the mood is simple: music. Depending on your musical taste there is a song out there that can work as an excellent overture to what you hope will be a fantastic evening. Start … Continue reading

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Norah Jones “Not Too Late” – More Like her Debut than her Previous Effort

It seems that on her newest album “Not Too Late,” Norah Jones, the sultry jazz/blues vocalist and piano prodigy refocuses her creative energies back on her music roots. The album, which is much more reminiscent of the works featured on … Continue reading

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An All-Star Tribute to Ray Charles

Ray Charles was an incredibly talented individual. Things he could do with a piano without eyes, some cannot match with 20/20 vision. He was definitely an inspiration to so many. This definitely had to be the case for so many … Continue reading

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The Amazing Blind Musician Ray Charles

Born September 23, 1930, Ray Charles Robinson would become one of the most famous and influential pianists in the twentieth century. Though he was blind from about the age of seven, he was able to learn how to play and … Continue reading

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Judy Garland Love Letter to Frank Sinatra in Time for Sinatra the Movie

A Letter of Love and a Movie About a Legend Martin Scorsese is set to direct a movie about the intriguing and interesting life of Frank Sinatra. The Oscar winning director will entitle the movie, “Ol’ Blue Eyes” and it … Continue reading

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