Vinyl Discs are steadily climbing the music storage charts to the top, thereby challenging its modern brothers, the DVDs and CDs. Amidst the vinyl discs’ waning popularity in the early 90’s. The black rounded discs are being bought by teens these days.

Why these teens are doing some vinyl purchases? The answer, lies on the nature of vinyl discs that are a great deal of owning music in physical form. People got tired of digital formats. They wanted to feel the solid features of their records especially the grooves that vinyl discs possessed.

Are DVDs and CDs good enough? They are quite superb than vinyl discs but the question here is that the nostalgic influence of vinyl records since time immemorial creates a great hunger among die hard audiophiles. It is great to know that there are some people in our population loves vinyl records very well.

Vinyl sales will likely be the final nail in CD’s coffin. Let’s look at the sales of vinyl discs they haven’t overtaken cds and dvds but record companies are happy that somehow there is some firm resurgence of demands. Critics told the media that young people are just ignorant on the feeling and sounds of the black discs and are hallucinating to live in the old days. Audiophiles wanted critics to prove them wrong about their opinions on the uptrend. One analyst says the demand is just too superficial to rate as a comeback from coma.

In United Kingdom, people are buying them like beef steaks especially those vinyl music whose size is 7″. Reviewers say that though they are analog in format, they still emit a rich sound. It is quite unexpected at first that there are people who would like to have a copy of vinyl records as their physical evidence of the music that they want.

Vinyl discs have the power to be piracy proof because they can’t be easily be copied by pirates unlike its digital brothers. It is hard to produce some copies on your own because you need to have tons of mechanical devices to prepare.

CDs have their power to be in cross range formats but it can’t be given much credit when it comes to loudness. Vinyl in its superb condition can bring all glass ceiling to thousands of cracks. Thus, they are the best in discos or any public gatherings.

Meanwhile, the digitalization of music has been abused by many people and it is also the cause of the downfall of cds. It looks like the massive sharing over the internet have been a turn off among true blooded audiophiles to stick to vinyl discs because aside from being in original form, the vinyl covers are great artworks. Records collectors will really admire the genuine bearing of these discs.

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