So this the first article about the upcoming opening of our mega online vinyl record store.what will be the concept, the big difference.

First of all, our service we will go far beyond the normal services from our “competitors”.

collectors can mail us and mail a list what you re searching for, we can look internationally for you!! And if this is not enough we can set up weekly, monthly deliver plan, this means you can build your collection of fine vinyl records, and don t need to look after it.

We will offer an affiliate program, 2 possibilities:

1) you earn money, from all the customers ordering at us, who are directed to us from you.

We pay every 2 weeks.

2) you earn vinyl records of your choice, this means, as above mentioned, when a customer orders from us through you, in other words, this customer come to us because you mentioned us, you get vouchers, depending how much this customer order and how often, so the more he/she orders, the more you get, simple, but this is not all when you earn money from us and spend the vouchers at our store you get more then just getting the money mentioned in 1) So you will earn twice.

You not only earn one time after this customer buy a record from us, but…..every time the customer order, you get paid, or gets the vouchers for the vinyl records.

This is just a short version of the explanation of our services to you but there will be much much more.

We also will offer some low entry, high quality turntables with very very good sound for a very very low price.

So we keep you informed and don t forget to subscribe to get the big big mega discounts   for the grand opening 15 March

Have a great day


Henri & Harry




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