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Marvin Gaye. Let’s Get it On LP 180 gr. HQ Vinyl

Release date:  20-10-2001 (originally released in 1973)

2001 US limited edition 8-track LP pressed on HighDefinition Premium 180gram VIRGIN VINYL, originally released in 1973, featuring the hit title track, ‘Come Get To This’ and ‘You Sure Love To Ball’, presented in sealed & stickered gatefold sleeve.

01. Let’s Get It On
02. Please Stay (Once You Go Away)
03. It I Should Die Tonight
04. Keep Getting’ It On
05. Come Get To This
06. Distant Lover
07. You Sure Love To Ball
08. Just To Keep You Satisfied

Let’s Get It On was Mavin Gaye’s record of sheer sensuality and carnal energy. Each performance was laced with innuendo and sheer erotic force. Gaye’s passions reach their absolute boiling point on the title track smash hit which rose to #1 on the charts and became the most successful single ever released on a Motown label. Let’s Get It On is a landmark record that remains the blueprint for all the slow jams that have followed in its wake.

The Big Neon Sign over the Bedroom Door Says . . .

“Have your sex,” Marvin Gaye writes in the liner notes of this landmark of bedroom soul. “It can be very exciting . . . if you’re lucky.” And if you’re really lucky, that sex will feel a bit like this album sounds—slippery and heated and all-consuming, governed equally by urgency and tenderness. An essay on carnal delight in eight parts, Let’s Get It On is one for the ages not just because of its plush backgrounds (particularly the wah-wah guitar of Melvin Ragin, a key player on the L.A. Motown sides) or its melodies (largely improvised), but because of Gaye’s needy-man delivery, the way he transforms “please baby” into a bouquet of beautifully arranged pleas. He’s just a few years removed from What’s Going On (see previous page), his comment on society, but he’s really worlds away: Sharing his formidable repertoire of bended-knee incantations, Gaye wants to stay in the bedroom as long as it takes to celebrate every last sacred ritual of love.

This album triggered an enormous outbreak of slightly salacious bedroom soul, much of it the equivalent of play-by-play coverage from ringside. Gaye’s endeavor is different: Singing in that sly, delighted way, he brings listeners into his need, shares the pleasure and the torment, makes raw desire sound almost noble and immediate. When Gaye talks about getting it on, you are there.

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Marvin Gaye
What s Going on -numbered 


Release date: 25-01-2008(originally released in 1971)

2008 US exclusive limited edition 9-track Half-Speed Mastered GAIN  Ultra Analog LP pressed on 180gram VIRGIN VINYL, originally released in 1971, including the classic title track and ‘Mercy Mercy Me [The Ecology]’, superbly presented in individually numbered gatefold pasted card sleeve, housed in perforated tear-strip bag

01. What’s Going On
02. What’s Happening Brother
03. Flyin’ High (In The Friendly Sky)
04. Save The Children
05. God Is Love
06. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
07. Right On
08. Wholy Holy
09. Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler)

Named the 6th best album in music history by Rolling Stone, the staggeringly influential What s Going On is pure soul genius and an ageless document about urban ills, employment issues, and social responsibilities that as relevant today as it was upon release in 1971. At once, Marvin Gaye both revolutionized Motown sound and upped the ante for his fellow musicians. Incredibly, the record almost didn t get made.

Gaye initially tried giving the defining title track to the Originals, a Motown group had been producing. But the singer changed his mind when songwriter Renaldo Benson offered him a cut of the publishing deal. Before recording, Gaye turned the studio into a frat house by inviting members of the Detroit Lions football team and getting everyone stoned. Motown head honcho Barry Gordy detested the results but soon realized that Gayes ultimatum to release it as a single had merit. After selling 100,000 copies in its first day, the single allowed Gaye carte blanche to make the remainder of the album on his terms.

Yet it was only after Gordy offered Gaye a financial challenge to complete the album inside of a month did the vocalist get to work. String, brass, and vocal overdubs were laid over the rhythm tracks while Gaye pioneered a new dual-vocal approach by relaxing and taking inspiration from a Lester Young album. The sessions vibes are reflected in tunes such as High (In the Friendly Sky).” Environmental concerns and spiritual conversations, meanwhile, form the core of staples like Whats Happening Brother,Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology), and œInner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler).

Mobile Fidelitys pristine remaster from the original analog tapes highlights every contour of the rich timbres of Gayes voice. Sonics are airy, natural, and vivid. Seldom has contemplating the American Dream sounded so essential.

What a classic soul record, play it over and over and over again, super analog pressing

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Curtis ‘Superfly’ Mayfield     Release date: 29-05-2008

2008 Italian limited edition 7-track LP pressed on 180gram VIRGIN VINYL, originally released in 1983 by the legendary soul-funkster, employing a slightly more laid back approach with some slow to mid tempo love songs, sealed picture sleeve

01. Hey Baby (Give It All to Me)
02. Still Within Your Heart
03. Dirty Laundry
04. Nobody But You
05. If You Need Me
06. What You Gawn Do?
07. Summer Hot

Curtis ‘Superfly’ Mayfield was perhaps better known for his hard-hitting funk & protest tracks than for his love songs, but these ‘proto slow jams’ from 1983 prove that the man knew all about getting funky between the sheets too, and with a voice like that, who could resist him?

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Sam Cooke
Night Beat
1x LP 180 gr. HQ Vinyl

Release date: 25-11-2010 (originally released in 1963)

2010 Dutch exclusive limited Music On Vinyl edition 10-track vinyl LP pressed on 180gram VIRGIN VINYL  originally released in 1963 -Clearly Sam Cooke s most intimate, most soulful and ultimately most realized recordings.Night Beat has the feel of a private performance captured after hours when the audience had gone home and the singer was singing purely for the love and soul of his songs. From spiritual tracks to bluesy ballads to gospel classics, Cooke makes each cut his own here which in turn makes for a warm collection that’s easy to connect with.

01. Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen
02. Lost And Lookin’
03. Mean Old World
04. Please Don’t Drive Me Away
05. I Lost Everything
06. Get Yourself Another Fool
07. Little Red Rooster
08. Laughin’ And Clownin’
09. Trouble Blues
10. You Gotta Move
11. Fool’s Paradise
12. Shake Rattle And Roll

Personnel :
Sam Cooke -vocals
Clif White, Barney Kessell -guitar
Raymond Johnson -piano
Billy Preston  -organ
Edward Hall -bass, drums
Clifford Hills -bass
Hal Blaine- drums

By 1963 Cooke was a big enough star to call his own shots in the studio, and NIGHT BEAT is the result of his desire to make an intimate, artistic album that abandoned pop arrangements in favor of intimate soul-jazz settings. Accompanied by a small band that includes drum legend Hal Blaine and a very young Billy Preston on organ, he tackles a batch of tunes that were close to his heart. From the mournful, set-’em-up-Joe feel of “Lost And Lookin'” to the randy blues of Willie Dixon’s “Little Red Rooster,” Cooke pours out his heart. Freed from pop strictures, Cooke allows himself to stretch out vocally, his singing at its most unfettered and emotional throughoutNIGHT BEAT.

Sam Cooke is best known as the man who integrated R&B, gospel, and pop, amid expansive arrangements typified by big string sections and a maximalist production approach. It may be a surprise for casual Cooke listeners, then, to encounter the Sam Cooke of NIGHT BEAT. There’s nary an orchestra to be found here; Cooke is backed by a small combo in a spare, tasteful manner. The overall musical feeling is also far removed from Cooke’s poppier efforts, leaning strongly toward the jazzy blues end of the spectrum (as brilliantly accentuated by, among others, a very young Billy Preston on organ). Hearing the despair in Cooke’s voice on “Lost and Lookin'” and the downhearted “Mean Old World,” one is instantly made aware that the man who sang “Wonderful World” and “Cupid” was capable of far more than mere ditties (however striking and memorable said ditties may have been). NIGHT BEAT finds Cooke reaching deeper into himself than he did on any other album, expanding our notion of his depth and capabilities.

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